Peter Mason (Capt) | Mohawk

Thank you for coming to my website and supporting me. On August 18, 2017 I will be participating in the 6th Annual Camp Agawam Tennis Marathon. I recently accepted the challenge to raise funds in support of The Main Idea at Camp Agawam. The golf marathon has been going on for 21 years and the tennis marathon has joined the tradition 6 years ago. Please support me as I play 100 games raising money to send kids for a free week of camping that cannot afford it.

The seven-week Camp Agawam season includes up to 30 boys each summer on full or partial Camperships, and these camp experiences make a huge difference! The annual Golf and Tennis Marathons provide critical support for Agawam Camperships for boys from Maine and around the country. Since its inception in 1997, the Marathon has raised over $600,000 to support deserving boys who otherwise would not have been able to afford a summer camp experience.

Please chip in and help us raise $59,000 this year!

Funds raised: $1,550 of $1,000


Thank you donors
Charlotte Calhoun : $50
Marshall Schmidt : $50
Jon Sprole : $500
Stephen Murray : $100
Where's team Sinewa??
Barbara Murphy
Robert Fryer : $50
Play fair- for foul play is OUT OF BOUNDS !
Karen Degerberg : $500
Lt John Foster : $25
Robert Smith : $25
Dave and Peg Mason : $50
George Mason : $75
Appleton Mason : $50
Meghan Lockwood : $25
Go Capt!