Michael Bensen | Sinewa

I am so excited to be participating in this awesome event again this year! We have had such a wonderful summer here at camp, and I am so proud to be a part of a place that offers so many summer experiences to families who otherwise couldn't afford to have their sons here. Thank you for joining me is support of this great cause!

Funds raised: $3,770 of $3,000


Thank you donors
Amilcar Arvelo
Richard Bensen : $50
Go Lt.! How How!
Rich Calhoun : $150
Rich Calhoun : $50
Preston Hershey : $100
For rainy day activities!
Robert Holland : $100
Don't hurt yourself!!
Henry Bigelow : $100
Jon Sprole : $500
A Anonymous : $280
McCabe Trowbridge : $1,000
Our sons first year at Agawam and couldn't have been happier with this special place! He is proud to be a Sinewa.
Rosie Bensen : $500
Amilcar Arvelo
Bos'n Anthony : $100
Julia Rowland : $50
Rosie Bensen : $500